Plant-Based Protein

organic, soy-free, gluten-free 

Meatless Foods Powered by Organic Goodness

At Green Slice Foods we provide our community with healthy, allergen-free vegan deli slices crafted from the cleanest organic ingredients like onion, leeks, red beets, carrots, peas, tomatoes, and spices.

A Healthy Alternative for Everyone

You don’t need to follow a strict vegetarian or vegan diet to eat plant-based foods. With our selection of certified organic, non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free delicious meat alternatives, ditching unhealthy meat products no longer feels impossible!

Children of all ages love eating our meat-free foods because they taste great and are made with organic ingredients that kids love!

Organic, gluten-free and soy-free vegan deli slices & veggie dogs

Explore our healthy plant-based foods and mouth-watering recipes that will inspire you to create flavorful and filling meals for your entire family. Keto and Paleo friendly, our irresistible low-carb plant-based protein will satisfy your hunger throughout the day!

Customer Reviews

Green Slice Foods LLC

By far the best meat alternative I have found in the U.S. Taste and texture are very good. Finally something my whole family will eat.

~ Karyn C.

Green Slice Foods LLC

Green Slice deli veggie "meats" are so good! I love them! They're the best out there!!”

~ Rikki J.

Green Slice Foods LLC

“These are the BEST veggie dogs ever!

~ Jackie S.

Green Slice Foods LLC

Just bought your veggie hot dogs on a whim yesterday. Today, I browned them in a pan--delicious!! Very delighted with your product. You have all of them beat! May you have continued success & longevity!

~ Jess S.

Green Slice Foods LLC

I’ve been eating the hot dogs and just tried the sandwich meatless and by far you guys have the very best products. Love them.

~ Elmira E.

Green Slice Foods LLC

This is the most amazing vegan lunch meat ever. On top of that the customer service was outstanding. I highly recommend.

~ Julia H.

Green Slice Foods LLC

This and others products from Green Slice are just perfect! Organic, plant based, delicious, soy free, gluten free and I can’t have enough of it! Highly recommended!!!

~ Martina M.

Green Slice Foods LLC

Their veggie dogs are spot on! Great job. Love them.

~ Jennine B.

Green Slice Foods LLC

Your product has helped me to get back to wanting to be a vegan and I am sincerely grateful to you for your mission. I found your products in Sprouts and they taste fantastic. Thanks again for what you do, and lots of luck in your hopes and dreams.

~ Aaron A.

Green Slice Foods LLC

Wow this stuff is delicious! I was skeptical at first but it has a great texture and flavor; it's really good.

~ Dave C.

Green Slice Foods LLC

This brand's line of veggie products is amazing. I absolutely love them and I suggest you give them a try, whether you are a vegetarian or not. The deli slices are a game changer!

~ Raven L.

Green Slice Foods LLC

Tried the mixed garden and it was the best deli alternative I have had and organic. Keep it coming! Looking forward to trying more.

~ Gregg E.

Green Slice Foods LLC

I just tried this today and oh my amazing the best I tried. I'm vegetarian and been craving for lunch meat and this hit the spot I'm going back and getting some more!!

~ Christina M.

Green Slice Foods LLC

“Tastes like when I was a kid and I feel no guilt! Thank you!!”

~ Kyle D.

Green Slice Foods LLC

Just tried the pistachio “ham,” it’s delicious !!!

~ Ana V.