4 Tips for Introducing Your Kids to Plant-Based Meal Ideas

Research has shown that there are many benefits for people of all ages to start living a plant-based diet. Foods like processed deli meats and hotdogs, which are usually a staple in our children’s lunches, are proven to be quite bad for you. However, the great news is that plant-based veggie alternatives taste just as great, if not better, and look similar to your child’s usual lunch foods. They won’t even be able to tell the difference!

If you want to start making a positive change in your child’s diet, consider introducing them to plant-based alternatives. Here are some tips for helping them try new foods:

Explore New Recipes With Your Child

Introducing any new foods to your child can be challenging. However, a great way to help get your child excited about trying new foods is having them help you meal plan for the week. Let your child explore different veggie-based recipes, and together you both can pick out what looks good!

Start by Introducing them to Familiar Foods

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Children love familiarity, so if you’re finding it difficult transitioning some of their favorite foods, consider making their usual recipes but alternating with veggie-based substitutes instead. At Green Slice Foods, our plant-based deli slices and veggie dogs look and taste similar to your child’s lunch-time staples, so making the swap should be simple and unnoticeable!

Children devour our delicious alternatives, and once they’ve tried them, they often prefer our plant-based options over the regular thing.

Explain the Benefits to Your Child

At first, your child may be confused as to why you’re making the switch. It’s always best to be honest with your child and explain that the foods that you’re swapping are better for them and our environment.

Be a Role Model for Your Child

One of the best ways to get your child to start trying new foods is by trying them with them! If they see you eating and enjoying our veggie-based meatless foods, your child will be curious enough to try them too.

If you want to start making the switch to meatless alternatives, browse through our delicious foods at Green Slice Foods. From Organic Veggie Dogs to Vegetarian Organic Deli Slices and more, we have plenty of plant-based options for you to try!

Families Trying New Recipes

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