3 Meat Alternative Meals Your Kids Will Love

If you believe in providing your children with food made from the very best ingredients, including gluten-free and soy-free options, we suggest adding meatless products into their diet as well.

Meatless products provide the same delicious taste of your favorite meats but without all the negative nitrates, antibiotics, cholesterol or added hormones.

If you’re ready to make the switch to a meat-free diet for your family, we suggest trying these three great-tasting meals first to show them just how delicious meat alternatives can be.

Have a cookout with veggie dogs

There’s nothing better than a cookout with friends and family when the sun is shining and the skies are blue. One of the only negatives of such an event is the unhealthy food that is served. Fortunately, this can now be avoided by adding veggie dogs to the menu!

Whether you cook them up on the grill and create a meatless hot dog bar for the kids to customize their dogs, make veggie dog skewers, veggie dog lettuce wraps or anything in between, your kids will be sure to leave the cookout with a smile on their face and a full stomach.

Try veggeroni for your next pizza night

Tired of the same old unhealthy options at your family’s pizza night? Mix things up with a healthy and delicious veggeroni pizza.

Veggeroni is an organic, vegan pepperoni alternative that has a very similar taste to your child’s favorite pizza topping. While the taste is reminiscent of pepperoni it differs in several ways by being free of antibiotics, nitrates and added hormones.

Try a vergerroni pizza or pizza bagels with this plant-based pepperoni when you want to mix things up in the kitchen!

Vegan turkey and vegan ham wraps for a picnic

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure with friends, a trip to the zoo or a day at the park, there’s nothing better than taking some time to sit down and enjoy a relaxing picnic.

A great addition to any picnic is a delicious sandwich or wrap. When you want to avoid traditional deli meats in these items, we suggest trying vegan turkey or vegan ham as a delicious and nutritious substitute. These delicacies can include your favorite vegan cheeses, vegetables and gluten-free bread and wraps.

When you’ve made the decision to add meat alternatives to your child’s diet, we invite you to try our delicious and affordable meatless products from Green Slice Foods.

A woman-owned business, we’ve provided our meatless deli slices and veggie dogs to customers throughout Vermont and the rest of the United States since 2017 and will be honored to be a part of your family’s health journey. Shop our full line of organic and meatless products today!

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