The Many Benefits of a Vegan Ketogenic Diet

Whether you want to lose weight, ward off disease or simply eat healthier, a vegan ketogenic diet will aide in accomplishing your dietary goals.

A traditional ketogenic (keto) diet relies heavily on fats and proteins and cuts down on carbs, making some vegans wonder if they can realistically follow this diet.

Although many people on the keto diet get their fats and proteins from animals, there is still an array of vegan friendly foods that can be used with this diet to improve your health, boost your mood, provide essential nutrients and more. If you’re a vegan considering a new diet, this just might be the perfect choice.

You can rapidly lose weight

If you’ve tried diet after diet and had no luck losing those pesky few pounds, a vegan ketogenic diet is certainly worth trying.

Studies have shown that people on a ketogenic, low-carb diet can start to see the pounds shed in as little as one to two weeks and can lose two to three times as much weight compared to a calorie restricted, low-fat diet.

With a vegan ketogenic diet, you’ll feel fuller for longer, cut your daily calories and rid your body of excess water through the restriction of carbs.  

It helps prevent disease

A vegan ketogenic diet is also great at warding off diseases that include heart disease, diabetes, issues related to obesity and has even been shown to lower blood pressure, prevent certain cancers, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

There are many delicious foods to choose from

If you’re concerned about the foods you can eat on this diet, you’ll be glad to know there’s an array of delicious options to choose from that include gluten-free meatless meats, non-starchy vegetables, avocados, coconut products, nuts and seeds, vegan full-fat “dairy” and more.

When you’re beginning a vegan ketogenic diet, we ask that you try gluten-free meat alternatives from Green Slice Foods.

We are one of the only keto friendly meat alternatives on the market and are proud to offer a selection of gluten-free products that include veggie dogs, vegan pepperoni, vegan ham, vegan turkey and more that will provide you with the healthy fats and protein you require for your diet. Shop our full line of products today to add a little excitement to your daily meals!

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