Why Meatless Deli Slices are Growing in Popularity

Meatless deli slices have seen a rise in popularity in recent years due to their nutritional benefits, great taste and the variety of meals that can be made with them.

These meatless deli items are made without all the harmful products you get with regular deli meats and have the same look and taste of your deli favorites.

Whether you enjoy deli slices in a sandwich, salad or straight out of the package, consider trying meatless deli slices today.

They’re healthier than processed meats

One reason meatless deli slices have grown in popularity in recent years is their high nutrition level.

These deli items are made without the antibiotics, nitrates, cholesterol and added hormones that are typically found in processed deli meats. As an added benefit, many meat-free alternatives are gluten-free, soy-free and organic as well.

When you’re looking to change your diet for the better, consider adding meatless deli slices to your lunch, dinner or snack menu.

They look and taste like regular deli meats

If you’ve eaten traditional deli slices all your life and are worried about meatless products not tasting the same, you’ll be happy to note that meatless options have the same great taste.

Meatless deli slices are made with all-natural ingredients that include onions, peas, red beets, carrots, tomatoes, leeks, and other spices that will provide you with the same great taste of your deli favorites.

They’re perfect for lunch, dinner & more

Like traditional deli meats, there are so many ways to eat these meat alternative slices.

Whether you enjoy sandwiches and salads with vegan turkey or vegan ham for lunch, want to make vegan pizza with veggeroni or even a charcuterie board filled with vegan deli meats for an upcoming party, there are so many options with these delicious and nutritious products.

Other favorites that can use meatless deli slices include grilled cheese, pressed paninis, scrambled eggs and more.

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Vegan turkey on a slice of whole grain bread