Green Slice Foods: A Soy Free & Gluten Free Meat Alternative

At Green Slice Foods we’re proud to be one of the only soy and gluten free meat alternatives on the market. Almost all meat alternatives are made from soy or gluten, whereas our meatless deli slices use a pea protein.

Our meat alternatives are also completely allergen-free, so you’ll be happy in knowing that your sandwiches, wraps, pizzas and more are completely safe to eat for the entire family.

When you’re looking for a healthy meat alternative that fits all your dietary requirements, make the smart choice by thinking of our team.

They’re great for stricter diets

If you’re unable to eat gluten or soy products for health reasons or your current diet restricts these items, our meat alternatives will allow you to enjoy your favorite deli slices that include vegan turkey, vegan ham and more.

Our meat alternative products are specifically designed for those who are unable to eat soy and gluten and we are proud to be one of the only soy and gluten free meatless meats available.

Made with pea protein

Our meat alternatives also have the advantage of being made with pea protein. This method allows our meatless meats to avoid soy and gluten and provides you with important proteins and nutrients that are required for a healthy diet.

Pea protein includes all nine of the essential amino acids and has branched-chain amino acids that are good for the heart and promote blood flow throughout the body.

Allergen free deli slices

Our meat alternatives are also completely allergen free. This means that our items do not have any of the eight major allergens that include milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soy.

When you’re ready to make the switch to meatless deli slices that are soy and gluten free, we ask that you think of our woman-owned business at Green Slice Foods.

We are proud to offer meatless meats that are completely free of soy, gluten and allergens, making them an ideal option for most diets.

We look forward to adding you to our growing list of happy customers and invite you to shop our full line of soy and gluten free meatless products today!