About Us

Where it All Began

Green Slice Foods was founded in 2017 in Vermont by Veronique Beittel and her daughter Francisca when they were unable to find any hot dog or lunch meat alternative they both enjoyed.

What originally started as a ski trip to Vermont ended up turning into the best business venture for Veronique and her husband, Matthew. Together, they "lost their hearts" to the Green Mountains and ended up relocating here in 2010.

While living in Vermont, Veronique started to see not just the greenery but the very elixir of life that the plant world has given us. She changed the way she thinks about food and abandoned the idea that you must eat meat every day to have a well-balanced, healthy diet.


Making the Switch to Plant-Based

Years later, when her toddler Francisca started to eat solid foods, Veronique knew that she didn't want to feed her daughter processed meat, a staple of most kids' diets. On her mission to find a tasty, healthy meat alternative, Veronique could not find any hot dog or plant-based deli slices that she and her daughter enjoyed. Therefore, she decided to create her own!

Green Slice Foods consist of great-tasting, organic, meat-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free plant-based foods. These meat-free alternatives make a plant-based diet tasty, more convenient, and most importantly, accessible to everyone!

Our mission is to provide healthier meat alternatives for everyone to enjoy. Whether you eat meat or you follow a vegan diet, our foods are meant for those who are looking to live a healthier lifestyle.

Children Love Our Plant-Based Deli Slices

Made for adults and children by a mother and daughter duo, we know that you will love our plant-based alternatives. Children can't get enough of our food. They love to devour foods like our plant-based deli slices and vegan pepperoni. We've even conducted a blind taste test with real hot dogs, and children ages 1-12 didn't even taste the difference between a regular hot dog and a meatless hot dog.

Francisca helped her mommy every step of the way from tasting and naming the products, picking the designs, tasting recipes, and her favorite part - starring with her mommy in a local TV commercial!


Green Slice Foods LLC

Our Mission

Everyone who walks through a garden or hikes a mountain ridge can see not just greenery but the very elixir of life that the plant world has given us.

In recognition of an ever-increasing need to improve the health of our natural world and its people, we want to create and make available healthy and delicious plant-based alternatives to a meat-based diet.

This journey is yours. Enjoy every little moment.

Green Slice Founders: Veronique & Francisca


Check out this video featuring the Green Slice founders, Veronique & Francisca