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Why Are People Following a Gluten-Free Diet?

By Green Slice Foods LLC | February 11, 2021

When you go to your grocery store, you’ll likely find a lot of products being advertised as “Gluten-Free.” These foods are made especially for those who have celiac disease. People can also have gluten sensitivity, which is similar to those who are lactose intolerant. These days, gluten has become a controversial topic. Many people are…

Reasons to Avoid Soy

Are Soy Products Safe to Eat During Pregnancy?

By Green Slice Foods LLC | January 13, 2021

Did you find out you’re pregnant? If so, congrats! One of the top questions that newly expecting mothers have is “what types of food should I avoid during pregnancy?” Believe it or not, there are some surprising foods that can be harmful or pose a questionable risk to your baby if you consume them during…

Plant-Based Sandwiches

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By Green Slice Foods LLC | December 31, 2020