Green Slice FAQ

Green Slice plant based deli slices and veggie dogs

Is Green Slice certified organic?

Yes, all of our foods are USDA organic; certified organic by ECOCERT.

Do you use GMO Ingredients in your foods?

No, we do not use any GMO ingredients in our foods. All our Green Slice Foods are USDA organic certified. If a food has a certified organic label, it is inherently “GMO-free” ― this is one of the many strict guidelines set forth by the USDA. The United States government does NOT allow companies to label products Certified Organic if they contain genetically modified foods.

Is Green Slice dairy-free?

Yes, all Green Slice Foods are dairy-free, lactose-free and casein-free.

Does Green Slice contain soy, tempeh?

No, none of our Green Slice Foods contain any type of soy and all future Green Slice foods will always be 100% soy free. Love soy or hate soy, it’s actually the controversial little legume. Soy-based products contain high amounts of phytoestrogens that can be harmful to your body. There is conflicting research regarding its effects on cancer, and recently the Food and Drug Administration proposed a rule to revoke a health claim related to soy protein and heart disease. Most soy comes in the form of highly processed soy protein isolates or soy lecithin, one of the most widely used food additives on the market today. Soy-based allergies have increased 50% since 1996, and almost all soybeans grown today are genetically modified. In addition, the soybean industry is causing more destruction to the environment than probably any other crop on the planet. If you choose to eat soy foods, you will find the most benefit from eating small quantities of organically-grown, whole-food, fermented soy, like real soy sauce, miso, tempeh, or natto, the way Asian people have safely enjoyed soy for millennia. 

egg white deli slices

Do your eggs come from pasture-raised chickens?

Yes, all our eggs in our organic Veggie Dogs and organic vegetarian Deli Slices come from organically pasture-raised chickens that are fed a mix of clover, grass and minerals. The results are leaner birds that get lots of exercise, fresh air and water; this also means their eggs are more flavorful. They scratch, eat only from the pasture and chase grasshoppers. “Just like nature intended.”

Is Green Slice Halal and Kosher?

All Green Slice Foods are Certified Halal by Halal Correct, but we are currently still in the process of getting Kosher certified. Stay tuned.

Can I freeze Green Slice?

 Green Slice Organic Veggie Dogs can be frozen for up to one year.

Can I eat un-cooked Green Slice?

Absolutely, all our Green Slice Foods have been fully cooked, but our organic Veggie Dogs taste best when heated. 

Why do your foods need to be consumed within 3-5 days of opening?

Our recommendation to enjoy Green Slice Foods within 3-5 days of opening is for best quality only – after that, the food’s texture, color and flavor may change because of its contact with oxygen, but in most cases, it could still be safe to consume if it has been kept continuously refrigerated.